WUAP European Championship 2023 - Proposition

Another important competition under the baton of WUAP-CZ will be the European Championships in Česká Lípa

Update on Februar 02, 2023, at 08:00 p.m

Dear sports friends, let us invite you to:
WUAP European Championships 2023
Powerlifting, Benchpress, Deadlift Raw and Equipped
20th – 25th June 2023
Sport Hall Česká Lípa,
Barvířská 2690,
470 01 Česká Lípa,
Czech Republic
Complete information can be found on the website www.powerlifter.cz

Information will be updated by the organizer .... HERE
Deadline for the entryform and fees: 21st May 2023

After 21st May 2023 no late entrys will be accepted!
All lifters must pay their entry fees to their national federation. The national federation is responsible for submitting the team list
and team payment by the closing date.

Entryform – https://tinyurl.com/595z7whf download - fill – send
Only athletes from countries where there is no WUAP association may submit an individual entry and payment.